Men’s Player Profiles


Name – John Dinnegan

Age – Evergreen

Occupation – Liar

Position – Defender, when on time

Favourite Player – Paddy Dinnegan

Bio – A stalwart of the Gaels, nearly lost him to Plymouth and London, but stuck it out for “one last year” will still be playing in 2024!


Name – Mikey Hughes

Age – 37

Occupation – Sparky

Position – Defender / Centre Court

Favourite Player – Scotty Pippen / Le Bron James

Bio – Glaswegian basketballer trying his luck at GAA. Rumour has it the only bit of Irish in Mikey is his 1st cousin Jameson.


Name – Barry “Butty” Burke

Age – 19

Occupation – Student Drinker

Position – Dance floor / Off-licence

Favourite Player – Emlyn Mulligan

Bio – Leitrim Man on tour, has yet to be seen without 4 young ones hanging out of him, loves his aldi wine, and his pints of cider.


Name – Ian “Peanut” McKenna

Age – 45

Occupation – Hair Model

Position – Half Back

Favourite Player – Dick Clerkin

Bio – The same vintage as John Dinnegan, another stalwart, always give 100% and loves a good scrap, whether it be his teammate or opponent.


Name – Brian “Bird” Keating

Age – 27

Occupation – Block Layer

Position – Defender

Favourite Player – Bubba Watson

Favourite Song – Marvin Gaye “Let’s Get it on”

Bio –Loves a curl and a cuddle from the missus when the housemates aren’t home. Stalwart of the club and is a great addition all around.


Name – Michael “Laser” O’Leary

Age – 24, 34 according to the hairline!

Occupation – Cattle Delaer

Position – Not Midfield

Favourite Player – Jimmy Carroll

Bio – Best known for his red card in u21 county final, loves a story, idols include Ciaran Carey, Jimmy Carroll and Davy Mann (Strokers bar Limerick). Hasn’t looked back on the women front since getting the laser eye surgery (since settled down after meeting the love of his life)!


Name – Dallan Byrne

Age – 29

Occupation – Student (forever)

Position – At home at half back / half forward

Favourite Player – Jim McGuiness

Bio – The powerhouse of the team, when he’s not in the gym pumping the guns he’ll be found topping up on the protein shakes with O’Hagan.


Name – Eoin Power

Age – 28

Occupation – Physiotherapist, part time cage fighter

Position – Anywhere

Favourite Player – Himself

Bio – Strong and fit player at home anywhere on the field. When not working / training he’ll be found in the buzzy spots up around the triangle.


Name – Diarmaid Sheehan

Age – 26

Occupation – Test Driver for Honda

Position – Defender

Favourite Player – Christy Ring

Bio – A newcomer that likes to let us down for 5 a side in the winter. Wicked left hand on him and like a few tins in Queens Square come the summer months.


Name – Dave “The Rave” Foley

Age – 30

Occupation – Seller (You name it he has it)

Position – Midfield / Forward

Favourite Player – Colm Kehoe, Ollie Connors

Bio – Talented individual who has come out of retirement, a dab hand and anti post favourite for the yearly squash competition. Goes missing for a while every year for Creamfield Festival, hence the name “The Rave” as well as “duck season”.


Name – Ian “Hoggy” Horgan

Age – 30

Occupation – Chippy

Position – Forward (but may yet make a half back)

Favourite Player – Joe Deane, James Masters

Bio – Hoggy has settled down after finding himself a good woman, a nice house and a big fat bank balance! An all rounder who was wanting to play a game the morning of his wedding!


Name – Ryan “Leroy Brown” O’Hagan

Age – 31

Occupation – Tinder Technician / Windy Salesman

Position – *Depends on how the head is

Favourite Player – The one and only Joe Brolly

Bio – Where to start, the life and soul of the party, loves a good dinner date, as long as working long hours Monday – Friday. Claim to fame is that he completed Tinder in less than a month!


Name – Eugene Murray

Age – 29

Occupation – Financial Player

Position – Defender

Favourite Player – Tony Scullion

Bio – Very talented and aggressive defender, won’t be found wanting on the field, nor off it. Would need to get himself into shape if hoping to feature for Championship!


Name – Liam Burns

Age – 33

Occupation – Professional Punter

Position – Goalkeeper / Defender

Favourite Player –John Mullane Boi, and Barney Curly

Bio – Another retiree who has returned to the homeland! Loves a gamble on the gg’s, is still banking on Fingal Bay winning the Hennessey though!


Name – Niall “Mully” Mulligan

Age – 25

Occupation – Engineer / Reggae Artist

Position – Forward

Favourite Player – Mark Vaughan (Remember that idiot that used to play for Dublin)

Bio – Another Dub, every team has one (in our case two). Ivor likes long walks on the beach and attending numerous festivals throughout the year. Fond of a trip to Liverpool and Amsterdam.


Name – Noel Ely

Age – 42

Occupation – Professional Footballer Sneyd Park

Position – Striker

Favourite Player – Razor Ruddock

Bio – A good recruit from Sligo, to replace Paul Leonard. Loves a Guinness on a Saturday, or Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday……


Name – Stephen O’Hara

Age – 26

Occupation – Student Nurse

Position – Midfield / Forward

Favourite Player – Eamonn O’Hara

Bio – Another Sligo man, God help us when he meets Ely! Very strong player capable of kicking a score from anywhere inside the 45.


Name – Tommy “Dancing Shoes” McQuaid

Age – 27

Occupation – Michael Flatly impersonator

Position – Forward

Favourite Player – Billy Elliott

Bio – Tommy took GAA up when he moved to Bristol and hasn’t looked back. Massive improvement and always good for a dance on the tiles of La Rocca, the Woods or similar.


Name – Tony Long

Age – 31

Occupation – Former Limerick City Gangster, now ruling the roost in Worcester

Position – Goalkeeper

Favourite Player – Paul Scholes / Wayne Rooney

Bio – Tony makes the long trek down for games and is a very able keeper. Season ticket holder at Old Trafford, a good man to know!


Name – Alastair Tucker

Age – 38

Occupation – Missing

Position – Forward come defender

Favourite Player – Jim Stynes

Bio – Alastair is on the missing list since moving in with two girls but will be sure to show a face come the summer.


Name – John Merron

Age – 24

Occupation – Rolls Royce Graduate

Position – Defender

Favourite Player – Micky Linden

Bio – John is a new addition this year, looks well in a pair of braces and is the only man to get Brian Mac off the bridle to date!


Name – Dan Coughlan

Age – 31

Occupation – Engineer

Position – Forward

Favourite Player – John Dinnegan

Bio – Never a man to shy from a tackle, or telling the referee what he thinks of them! Dan has been about a few years now and is instrumental around the middle of the park.


Name – Brian McCarthy

Age – 33

Occupation – Engineer, part time athlete

Position – Middle a the park

Favourite Player – Anton Bolton

Bio – The return of the prodigal son, after three years sunning himself in far off lands he’s come back with a wicked tan and an even wickeder haircut!


Name – Shane A Hara

Age – 29

Occupation – Professional Con Man

Position – Beside the Pool Table

Favourite Player – Mark Allen

Bio – May be seen haggling the locals in the Clyde, or sneaking around the oppositions goal, guaranteed to get a sneaky goal every time he takes the field.


Name – Rory Glackin

Age – TBC

Occupation – Tarmacadam Contractor

Position – Goal Man

Favourite Player – Liam Coyle

Bio – Rory has returned for 2015 having heard Liam Burns was giving stick on the watsapp group. A good shot stopper who will improve with game time, and a when his ribs heal 100%.


Name – Declan Walsh

Age – 25

Occupation – Fisherman

Position – Defender / Referee

Favourite Player – Martin McHugh

Bio – Declan made a name for himself in the Walkabout Cardiff, and hasn’t looked back since. Himself and Liam Muldoon are best kept apart!


Name – Liam “Let your man know you’re there” Muldoon

Age – 23

Occupation – Piggery Attendant

Position – Hanging off his man

Favourite Player – Paul Galvin

Bio – The bould looking Muldoon will no doubt cow many a corner forward throughout the year, a ferocious tackler, yet to receive a red card in his fledgling GAA career for the Gaels.


Name – Martin O’Brien

Age – 25

Occupation – Kerry Group MD

Position – Second Row

Favourite Player – Brian O’ Driscoll

Bio – Hailing from the posh part of Dublin (Finglas), O’Brien is new to the Gaelic Football scene. Huge improvement has been seen already and with more game time he will be sure to get plenty of game time throughout the year.


Name – Paddy Casey (July)

Age – 27

Occupation – Large Animal Vet

Position – Midfield

Favourite Player – Aidan Walsh

Bio – Another new man for 2015, Paddy will be a sturdy addition to the middle of the park with his no nonsense style of play. Always keen for a pint after training!


Name – Paddy Dunne

Age – 24

Occupation – NeeNaw NeeNaw

Position – Shore Bar

Favourite Player – Phillip Greenlaw

Bio – Another great addition for 2015, Paddy can usually be found in work, at training or at the bar!


Name – Trevor Connolly

Age – 28

Occupation –

Position – Defender / Midfield

Favourite Player – Dick Clerkin

Bio – A no nonsense defender hailing from Monaghan, Connolly joined the Gaels following some sound advice from the locals in the Foresters Arms!


Name – Paudi Farrell

Age – 17

Occupation – Fitness Instructor

Position – In Paddy Dunne’s ambulance following two laps of the field!

Favourite Player – Benny Coulter

Bio – Yet another fine addition to the squad, once the fitness improves and the pints stop flowing, Farrell will be hard stopped on a sound surface.


Name – Stephen Patrick McCleary

Age – 32

Occupation – Bossing People about the Highway

Position – Defender once tried at centre forward but didn’t quite work out!

Favourite Player – Karl Lacey

Bio – Stevie has the thickest Donegal accent you’ll ever hear, a tenacious tackler, one that you’d prefer on your side than against.


Name – Farai “Faz” Goredema-Braid

Age – 28

Occupation – Dealer

Position – Defender

Favourite Player – Jim Stynes

Bio – Faz joined last year and hasn’t looked back, a dab hand at the Aussie Rules, the transition has looked simple. Always good to join in when he hears there are a few beers happening!