Ladies Player Profiles


Name: Claire O’Connell

Age: Under 30

Occupation: Physio/Team dogsbody

Favourite Position: Anywhere she’s put

Roll of Honour: Finishing a game in one piece. Claire also thoroughly enjoys signing herself up for events that she has no intention of doing any training for.


Name:Lenice McAleer

Age: 27

Occupation: Mr Woolfe’s Bouncer

Favourite Position: Further from the goal posts the better

Roll of Honour: Club is Killiclogher so unlikely.


Name: Ruth Keating

Age: 26

Occupation: Optometrist

Favourite Position: Breaking legs on the slopes

Roll of Honour: Orla Murphy’s Protege and Young Meterologist of the Year


Name: Andrea ‘Pepper’ Corrigan

Age: Older than she looks

Occupation: Did a degree in PRO but doesn’t know anything about Twitter

Favourite Position: Hasn’t tried them all yet so hard to choose

Roll of Honour:The only person to ever applaud someone for scoring against her.


Name: Joanne Butler

Age: Wouldn’t tell

Occupation: Something in an office

Favourite Position: Anywhere the ball won’t come to

Roll of Honour: Whiz on wheels! Completed the Grand Fondo 2015


Name: Ruth Millar

Age: Looks about 19 I’d say

Occupation: Pretends to do something at a desk

Favourite Position: As far from midges as possible.

Roll of Honour: Plank Challenge winner 2015


Name: Tara Poulson

Age: old enough to be married

Occupation: PE Teacher

Favourite Position: Forward on a good day, first day of hangover bench, second  day of hangover Goals

Roll of Honour: Plays hockey too so might have won something there?


Name: Aine Brislane

Age: Only a baby

Occupation: Professional Cross fitter

Favourite Position: In a Cross fit gym

Roll of Honour: Loves Crossfit did we mention?


Name: Lisa-Marie O’Mahony

Age: Younger than she looks

Occupation: Professional Derry man Hunter

Favourite Position: Anywhere as long as they enjoy being fouled

Roll of Honour: Hasn’t killed anyone in a game yet. Apparently NEARLY scored a goal from mid field but only one witness.


Name: Sinead ‘twinkle toes’ Flannery

Age: Age is just a number

Occupation: Enjoys kids bones

Favourite Position: No choice but to love Goals

Roll of Honour: World Irish Dancing Champion and illegitimate cousin of Michael ‘Flannery’ Flatley


Name: Clodagh Murphy

Age: 24

Occupation: Masters Whore

Favourite Position: Too rude to say

Roll of Honour: Won something in Junior but that doesn’t count. Official Team Piggy Back Giver and Piebald Pony Show Winner.


Name: Mariead O’Sullivan

Age: 25

Occupation: Yia Mass Shareholder

Favourite Position: At work

Roll of Honour: Continuing to make Yia Mass THE place to be in Bristol even in a recession.


Name: Gemma Sherman

Age: 26

Occupation: Abacus manufacturer

Favourite Position: If she had her way the bench

Roll of Honour: Miss Agriculture Kilkenny, First Place in Charolais Bull Breeding 2009-2015 Ballyragget Show


Name: Dani Smith

Age: 21+ VAT

Occupation: Ironwoman challenger

Favourite Position: Forward line

Roll of Honour: Understanding various Irish accents and communications with Leprauchans


Name: Kate O’Gorman

Age: Thinks she’s the baby of the team

Occupation: John Freida Brillant Blonde Shampoo Model

Favourite Position: Forward line

Roll of Honour: County Team Player, Ammonia and Peroxide Free


Name: Jess Norris

Age: Granny of the team

Occupation: Professional Popper

Favourite Position: Nippy wee Forward

Roll of Honour: Ask her to pop for ye


Name: Lisa Dervan

Age: 26


Favourite Position: Knee deep in defence and the other knee half way to midfield

Roll of Honour: Natural Blonde. Lasted 7 minutes as Rory McIllroy’s official caddy only to be replaced by a golf hating, no armed, one eyed cyclops who pulled it with their teeth.


Name: Corrina McElduff

Age: Tabatha workouts make you look younger

Occupation: Professional Head Hunter/recruiter/blackmailer/Use whatever means possible

Favourite Position: In the Bushes mooning the world

Roll of Honour: Cleverly Rejecting possible advances by WG mens by creating ‘Mark’ her very own virtual boyfriend.


Name: Miriam Crowley

Age: Who knows

Occupation: Pulling out your teeth

Favourite Position: Which sport?

Roll of Honour: Completing a marathon while playing a game of camogie and football at the same time.


Name: Niamh Coffey

Age: i guess 26

Occupation: Nicks Secret Agent

Favourite Position: Anywhere but training.

Roll of Honour: The only team member with her own Cheerleader Posse